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Is the Ticking Sound from my Mobility Scooter Normal?

Mobility Scooter - Electromagnetic Brake

Some of our elderly clients who first receive their new mobility scooter get worried when they hear a ticking sound coming from the rear of the scooter each time they press or release the throttle. They are worried about whether the motor on the scooter is having some kind of problem.

This is not a fault, it is normal for any mobility scooter with electromagnetic brakes to have such a sound. 

This gives the scooters greater mileage and efficiency when in use.As can be seen from the video below, there is a "tick" when you press the throttle, and another "tick" when you release the throttle. The first tick is when the electromagnetic brake releases to allow your scooter to drive, while the second tick is when it engages back to brake your scooter so that it doesn't inadvertently slip down any slopes.

The brake is the red colour lever at the back of your scooter, which allows the scooter to be pushed manually in freewheel mode, or to be driven by motor in the drive mode. Electromagnetic brakes are used in many scooters because they are regenerative, meaning that they recharge the batteries when they brake.

They are also safer than mechanical brakes, because they stop the scooter automatically when not in use, which means the scooter won't go sliding down a slope if the user, for example, has a dizzy spell or a heart attack. Some users also don't have enough finger strength to pull on mechanical brakes like those fitted on bicycles.

So if you hear the ticking sound shown in the video, it's actually a good thing! It means your brakes are working fine!




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